If you are a Ford owner and you lost your car key, what would you do?

Calling the dealer seems like a good idea, but they only keep track of key details for ten years. If your car is from 1998 or older, don’t even bother trying the dealer as key detail doesn’t exist.  If you do decide to call the dealer, here are a couple things that you should know before doing so.

– Most Ford vehicles, excluding the diesel models, use transponder (chip) key systems since 1998 and must be programmed on site.  This means you’ll have to pay to tow your car to the dealer. ($90 hook-up fee plus avg $3/mile in Chicago, in addition to the cost of making the key)

If the dealer cannot cut your key, he will refer you to a locksmith. Just beware, this locksmith is paying the dealer for these referrals which may inflate the cost of the key. In most cases it is more cost effective to just call a local locksmith right away.  This will save you the headache of towing your car and long waits at the dealer. The choice is very clear, a locksmith is the better way to go.