1. When do I need to call a locksmith?

For any type of job that has locks and keys. In a case of an emergency lock out, car lock out or house lock out.

2. Why should I use a professional locksmith company?
You should always use a licensed bonded and insured locksmith company to insure that you are getting the job done correctly.

3. I just purchased a new house do i need to rekey my home?
It’s highly recommended to rekey your house locks because when the home was being built the contractors probably had access to your homes key.
To ensure you safety you should call a locksmith and have your entire home rekey.

4. I’m renting an apartment should I rekey the locks?
You should rekey the locks to ensure the safety of the house your belongings and to make sure no one else has access to you living space.

5. When do I need to get my house locks changed?
It’s highly recommended to get your house locks changed when you move in to a new home or a new business. Whenever the locks start to have issues or problems always have a professional locksmith install new locks.

6. Should all my house locks operate on the same key?
Yes, they should all be working on the same key. This also prevents a case of a house lock out by mis placing keys.

7. Should I put high security locks on my home or business?
Yes it’s highly recommended to do so, in the case that your home gets broken in to, having high security locks will help keep your home safe.

8 How can I get keys stamped “DO NOT DUPLICATE” duplicated?
You can get them duplicated by a professional locksmith who will verify the ownership of the house or business.

9. What is “Impressioning”?
Impressioning is a technique for opening a lock by making a key out of a key blank for the lock.

10. Is it legal to carry lock pick tools?
Only a professional locksmith is able to carry lock pick tools.

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